Sunday, December 21, 2008

Novelist's Boot Camp a Book Examiner's 2008 Top 10 favorite!

I'm very happy and very proud to report that Novelist's Boot Camp has been named one of's top 10 favorite books for 2008. 

From the article:

"This may sound like every other writing book on the shelves of your local Large Bookstore, but it differs radically...Novelist’s Boot Camp is definitively one of the
most down and dirty useful writing books on the market today. Where
other writing books give nebulous advice like “Be sure to develop your

"The Novelist’s Boot Camp actually leads
you by the hand through the process. While other writing tomes tell you
to be sure to revise your first draft and look for inconsistencies,
Stone details a specific 9 step revision process that is fully
explained, step by step in the fifth section of the book."

You can read the complete article here.

I'm glad this article's writer--and many others as well--found the book helpful enough t recommend it.  For a "how-to" book, usefulness is the essential measure of worth. In other words, how much and how well does it help the reader make progress towards his or her goal? Evidently this "Book Examiner" feels Novelist's Boot Camp does quite a good job of just that.

I receive private recognition--emails, notes, letters, and so on--thanking me for writing Novelist's Boot Camp or presenting the Novelist's Boot Camp workshops. I treasure those, and public recognition such as the above is wonderful as well.

Not a bad holiday gift at all!