Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a natural thing

Can a writer benefit from a conscious analysis of his or her "natural" technique and strategy and making one or more of those better?

The common sense answer is "of course!" Artists, athletes, musicians, chefs, lovers--regardless of the activity, reviewing "what comes naturally" and consciously improving on that technique makes for a better painting, game, music, meal, or well, you know.

Writing a novel has been called part art and part science, and Novelist's Boot Camp is designed to help the novelist be better in both.

But does it work? I'd like to think so--RITA award winning and multi-published author Linnea Sinclair thinks so as well. Linnea is a self-admitted consummate "pantser"--writing by the seat of her pants. She does it exceptionally well too, as her best-selling books and awards testify. In writing, Linnea does what comes to her naturally.

Yet Linnea also recognizes the value of identifying an unconscious technique and refining that technique in order to become a better writer and produce better writing--so much so that shenot only commented on NBC in her blog, she'll be in the audience at the Novelist's Boot Camp workshop this coming week in Ft. Myers, Florida.

You can find out more about Linnea's books here.

She also recognizes that as an author progresses in his or her career, time and energy grow ever more at a premium. If that author wants to be at her most productive, meet the demands of the profession, and keep the fire of the love of writing alive, then the power of creativity has to be more organized, more disciplined, more focused. One of the end results is a better book. Another result is more fun.

And more fun--whether it be in writing, art, music, cooking, competitive athletics, or lovemaking--is good!

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